"Revenge of the Hopzilla"

▪︎The King of all Mutant Monsters, which emerge from a transdimensional breach under the vast sea of fresh hops , is sublimely massive, almost impossible to comprehend.

•He is big , he is huge, he is titanical, and he had to be Vicious, brutal , catastrophic and through his breathing fresh green dankness to conquer and thrive in a world full of other hoppy creatures and simply to measure up your fractal expectations and your humongous thirst for fresh Juice Hops!!!!

▪︎So we decided this one to be monumental monstrus or it is nothing at all !!!

•We came up with this jumbo-sized footprint recipe to unveil a full-body triple neipa and we empowered it by triple hopping this Mutant Reptile with tons of the freshest hops we could find in the market such as Citra, Nectaron, Mosaic Spectrum and Bru-1 Hops !!!!

•This hop-active combo creates a huuuuge tropical fruit aroma and taste profile full of ripe fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya, melon and freshly squeezed tangerines !!!

Last but not least all these fruits come out in the aftertaste like a punch in your face for a unique expression of crazy amount of fruit character in a beer !!!

11 04 2023


Ξανθιά θολή
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