Floris Fraise beer

Floris Fraise is a Belgian beer as a lovely strawberry beer on a fluffy wheat basis for summer enjoyment.

History of Floris Fraise beer

In the East Flemish flower community of Melle near Gent, the Floris (gaarden) series is created with various beers fermented and flavored with fruit. During the brewing process of this Floris Witbier, strawberries are added in juice form. They stand for uncomplicated, summery beer enjoyment and appeal to non-beer drinkers all over the world.

What does the Floris Fraise beer look like and how does it smell?

Unadulterated, strawberry-red and cloudy thanks to the unfiltered wheat-based Witbier, this Belgian special beer has a compact head. A bouquet of ripe strawberries flows towards the nose, like in a strawberry compote with ice cream, accompanied by light wheat aromas of white bread and almond.

How does the Floris Fraise beer taste?

Gentle and fruity in taste, this soft fruit beer shows a pleasant balance between the sweetness of strawberries and the fruit acid due to the natural fruit fermented with it. Flavorful aromas of wheat and coriander ensure a pleasantly fresh and fluffy base. In the finish you can taste a hint of bitterness, which quickly evaporates and fades away pleasantly.

What is the ideal drinking temperature for Floris Fraise?

This Belgian beer specialty tastes best in a normal drinking glass or a champagne glass at 3-6 ° C.

What does the Floris Fraise beer go best with?

The Floris Fraise is well chilled as an original aperitif and a funny alternative to sparkling wine or prosecco. Otherwise as a light accompaniment to dessert such as strawberry cake with vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, bavarois, or sorbet.

01 09 2023


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