Bird Wild hop brew - Intense. Pure. Awesome.
Intense. Pure. Awesome. This is what our India Pale Ale.

A hop explosion travels through all nerves and inflamed the thirsty throats. A variety of hop varieties have come together and thanks to Ahtanum, Cascade and some more everyone Hophead gets his money.
Copper-colored hops treasure
Our hops treasure shining in a slightly hazy coppery and leaves with its fine-pored frothy white mouth of the observer will quickly dry - as this must be specified when a tangible IPA. Even from a distance you can smell the fruity hop bouquet, a dream of red berries tickle in the nose and bewitches even before the first drop.

After contact with the tongue, the IPA ignites a firework of wild berries, citrus fruits and a little plum. The crisp and typical IPA Bitter is ready immediately and contributes our jewel in the hop-sky.

A round IPA fine recency, refreshingly fruity and crisp bitter.
Maisel and Friends IPA Logo
Maisel & Friends IPA Session Craft Beer
Glass Recommendations for the Maisel & Friends IPA

Our IPA we recommend Maisel & Friends pint. This allrounder fits perekt for lighter craft beers to about 6.3% alc. Vol.

Druch be thick glass is it like a glove in your hand and is ideal for all beers and craft beers that can be good "hiss". Just no Maisel & Friends pint glass to hand, a traditional beer mug served its purpose.
Serving temperature Maisel & Friends IPA

Most of all our Maisel & Friends IPA is cooled at a temperature of 6 ° C drunk!

23 04 2022


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