Introduced in 1933 under the name of “Bush Beer”, this is one of the oldest specialty beers in Belgium and the flagship brand of the Dubuisson Brasserie.

The Bush Caractère is a filtered, top-fermented beer made from malt, hops, natural sugars, water from the brewery’s own underground source and an exclusive house yeast that has been cultivated for 80 years.

The pronounced bitter-sweet taste of this beer, its gentle taste structure and characteristic amber colour are all due to the caramel malts used and the expertise and patience of the master brewer (the beer rests for four to six weeks).

The high density – the proportion of malt – and the active house yeast make for one of the strongest Belgian beers, with an alcohol volume of 12%. The CO2 saturated Bush Caractère is easily digestible and makes an excellent aperitif or after-dinner digestive beer.

As the name indicates, the Bush Caractère is a crystal clear, amber-coloured beer.

The nose picks up surprising aromas of ripe fruits including banana, touches of ‘cuberdon’ sweets (Belgian raspberry gum sweets) and above all caramel, which is also noticeable in the taste.

You get a full-mouthed beer with a bitter-sweet taste and a trace of liquorice in the finish.

23 08 2023


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