Dog C is an extra special brew, marking 7 years of BrewDog. Like Dog A & B before it, Dog C is an imperial stout, brewed with a potent mix of speciality ingredients.

Dog C pours like dark matter into your glass, with a deep tan head. On the nose there’s a subtle but powerful blend of dark chocolate, espresso, chilli spice and molasses, boosted with hints of molasses, cocoa powder and brandy.

On the palate, there’s a chewy treacle toffee backbone, supporting the spicy hop flavour and naga chilli heat. The malt bill adds further spice from the rye, and a smooth refined mouthfeel from the wheat and oats.

Dog C is like eating chocolate ice cream and drinking cognac in a leather armchair. It’s like Darth Vader - powerful yet restrained. It’s also perfect for cellaring, or for a vertical tasting with Dog A & B. 

Ingredients: water, barley, hops, yeast.

For allergens, including ingredients containing gluten

ABV: 15.1%
OG: 1120
IBU: 90
Style: Stout / Porter


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